Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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How we started

There’s one passion that unites the JOP team – helping organisations that are willing to break the old rules in search of superior performance. We love supporting leaders that experiment with new agile structures and methods as they seek to dominate in today’s disruptive and demanding business environment. We’re not your typical start-up. As you can see, none of us is in our twenties anymore! We’re a multinational team with a huge amount of executive-level experience accumulated across the US, India and Europe.
Rakesh has led billion-dollar revenue companies. Grant is a SaaS expert and Gaurav and Vibhu have been building great software for customers around the world for 15 years. Together we decided to create a world-class software solution to support aspirational organisations.

Our Founders

Rakesh Sarin


Gaurav Sabharwal

Chief Executive Officer

Grant Crow

OKR Expert

Vibhu Satpaul

Chief Product Officer

Our Advisors

Dr. Srinivas Chunduru

Founder at VANS
Group (VMentor.ai)

Anup Yanamandra

SaaS Specialist

We haven’t just coded and released the solution. We’ve consulted extensively with experts and executives around the world to validate and improve our ideas.

The result is JOP – the Joy of Performing.

What makes
us unique

In most cases, companies ask employees to use several different tools to get their work done and they find that frustrating and inefficient. We decided to create one solution enabling everything from goal cascade and alignment, goal management and updating, feedback and learning at personal, team and company levels, management of insights and progress as well as more conventional performance management. Think of JOP as an all–in–one solution for boosting your performance and agility at company, team and personal levels.
We’re also unique in focusing on the Joy of Performing. For many people, goal setting, performance reviews, feedback exchanges and striving for improvement can be stressful. Often employees feel that these processes are imposed on them. We’re all about supporting environments where people own their goals, care about performance, actively seek improvements and share ideas and feedback openly with colleagues. In this way, talent is liberated and work becomes a major positive force in our lives.

Our vision
and values

We enable a joyful culture and the realization of full performance potential.

  • Joyful

    We find our joy in dreaming big, respecting diversity of multi-cultural teams, and performing for meaningful growth

  • Aspirational

    We aspire to be the best with winning attitude, innovative approach and taking ownership

  • Customer Success

    We make meaningful contributions to our customers to succeed

  • Energize

    We maximize our energy by experimenting, collaborating and aligning to boost stakeholder’s value