Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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The best talent is hard to find and harder to retain

Making improvements in employee engagement and the overall employee experience is a big and necessary focus for ambitious companies. JOP’s “Voice” module helps leaders to assess employee engagement and other critical areas so that the right culture can be developed and maintained.

Benchmark your company performance potential

We’ve developed the JOP index to help fast growth scale-ups to benchmark the extent to which their culture supports their performance objectives. A review of any gaps identifies areas for improvement and provides the focus for development of a high performance culture.

Build and schedule regular company – wide surveys

JOP’s Voice module makes it easy to either select pre-made surveys or to design and implement your own and deliver these wherever you like within the company. The platform means you’re able to measure employee engagement and quickly identify areas for improvement.

Empower team leaders to deliver pulse surveys

Simple, quick pulse surveys are a great way for team leaders and even team members to get fast feedback on a specific topic. They’re also a great way to have fun and to build engagement within the team as well as to measure the employee culture, motivation and feeling within the team itself.

Get access to a library of pre-made surveys

If you lack the resources or time to create your own surveys, we offer a library of professionally produced surveys to support any of the key moments in the employee journey. Make sure you fully understand where the employee experience and engagement are working and what needs improvement.

Ideas can be copied, but
your culture is unique

Apart from a clear strategy, key objectives, and a detailed directional plan of action, what goes behind the organizational success? Many will agree that a team of highly engaged employees drives the positive momentum at the workplace, leading to the organization thriving.
Even Gallup says that engaged employees lead to about 17% more profitability, 41% fewer absences, and up to a 59% reduction in employee turnover for highly engaged business units.
This means that you need a strategy to engage your greatest asset. A strategy that avoids silos and operates under a coherent and integrated framework to drive more collective impact. Great managers are those who ensure that they develop great talent and retain them for a longer period of time. This happens when the department-wise activities are in alignment with the mission narrative of the organization.
This is why JOP offers managers several touchpoints to engage their teams! JOP Index analytics give insight into the health of your company’s performance culture. We help you get answers to questions like:
Do people understand the company’s strategic direction? Are they committed to the same priorities as leadership? Do they have critical resources to fulfill their responsibilities? Is feedback and recognition offered regularly? Do people have the data they need to foresee and prevent performance issues?
These questions can help companies understand critical areas that demand attention.
Engagement is tremendously enhanced when employees feel their voice is being heard. Communication should not just go one way and we allow you to hear the voice of your people by two-way feedback. Exchange real time input on each other’s work and management to succeed as a team.
Finally, JOP Voice helps you understand the ‘Pulse’ of your organization, through quick surveys. Choose from an expert created template or create your own to get stakeholder input on upcoming decisions, run a rapid check on how people are faring on company values, or touch base with your teams!
JOP gives you all the tools you need to increase employee engagement at your company.