Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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Making it easy to give colleagues feedback

Most employee feedback tools focus on formal surveys. At JOP, we make the process fun by providing a game-ified feedback tool. Colleagues can select or create a badge and allocate it to the deserving team member along with a comment. These badges are then displayed on the team member’s personal profile.

Perfecting Feedback Loops at your Company

In order to know where your team stands performance-wise, feedback is a must. Whether it’s positive or negative, formal or informal, feedback given in a constructive way can help drastically improve the performance of employees while keeping them engaged.
A study by Gallup says that employees who receive daily feedback from their managers are more likely to be engaged than those who receive it once a year.
Like this, there are many studies that emphasize the importance of feedback for employee engagement and improved organizational alignment.
However, providing feedback as an annual affair is not enough. There are a few prerequisites that help feedback to become valuable for individuals and organizations. To make it effective, there should be a minimal lag between the action and feedback on it. Proactively requesting feedback is also a practice that can help people develop skills.
JOP’s Feedback module allows both by enabling employees to ask for feedback, while also reinforcing proactive feedback exchanges. We have discovered that feedback builds trust and psychological safety throughout the process.
Organizations that encourage open and honest feedback wins in the disruptive marketplace. And when leaders promote feedback across the hierarchy in a continuous manner and provide training to work on the given feedback, workplace relationships flourish. When this happens, it reflects that employees are eager to harness the feedback loop's power to improve their performance.
With JOP, we offer you the tools to promote a culture of feedback, collaboration and support to achieve exponential growth.