Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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Using OKRs to align high performing teams

Designed specifically for high growth companies as they scale. Drive your
OKR processes using the JOP OKR platform

Getting everyone on the same page

Successful, fast growth companies focus on ensuring that everyone understands and is committed to the strategy. JOP’s OKR
software helps you to communicate with and align team members to drive performance forward.

Creating a culture of ownership for performance

Scaling requires the whole team to take ownership. JOP helps with OKR management by ensuring that objectives and key results have clear ownership, accountability and passion for achievement.

Facilitating a culture of cross-team collaboration

The right OKR tracking software will help to drive check-ins, innovation and agile working. We believe that the team is the fundamental unit of work. JOP enables collaboration both within and across teams to ensure maximum benefit and progress towards objectives.

Generating data and insights for improvement

The rate of progress, confidence levels for achievement, frequency of check-ins, comments and OKR retrospectives provide a wealth of information for team members and leaders as they seek to drive achievement of objectives.

Consistently Achieve Your Milestones By Using Jop

TIdentifying and defining goals is a major part of establishing a business. The process is much beyond what we usually think—answering the questions like what do you really want for your company? Why do you want to achieve it and why is it essential for your business?

But this is never easy for a scaling business. You also need to think about – When is the best time to take this leap? What should we prioritise for the next year? How ambitious can we afford to be with our current resources?

Answering these well will help you create the plan to set your company up for success. Choosing the highest-impact objectives helps you align focus with the growth-oriented behavior as you get feedback throughout the process and your progress.

For seeking the clarity of goals, it can be valuable to have an outside-in perspective. This is why JOP has a host of strategy coaches and OKR consultants on our panel to help you focus on what really matters!

With effective OKR management, JOP ensures the accountability of both stretched and committed goals by intensifying focus on top priorities. We facilitate the culture of collaboration within the teams for better goal attainment by building transparency, accountability and alignment within the flow of work.

Check-ins on JOP help you close the loop of accountability by bringing OKR teams together at regular intervals and opening up the space to have difficult conversations about progress, confidence levels, setbacks and effort recalibration.

OKRs really are the future of effective goal attainment with ease and JOP’s futuristic OKR+ approach supports agile performance management to mitigate issues and achieve success.