Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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Implementing JOP

When implemented right, JOP works to drive focus, accountability, alignment, and an outcome orientation throughout the organization. So, how do we ensure that you effectively implement our OKR+ tool?

As long as you are committed, we are ready to provide the support you expect from your growth partners! Our customer success team has helped many organizations in revamping their traditional goal setting programs into agile and superior performance facilitating program.

OKR Creation

Assistance based on your confidence
with the OKR framework

At JOP, we want to minimise your trial and error. Your
organization can create OKRs independently or work with our
dedicated strategy and OKR consultants to ensure that
your strategic goals are taken care of in your OKRs

End-to-end Onboarding Support

From data transfer to co-creating workflows

Implementing a new tool requires change management to be sustainable. Your dedicated customer success manager provides complete support to your organization by understanding the current issues to establish the ideal workflow that helps your teams succeed.

Training an OKR champion at your company

At JOP, we equip you to scale your OKR rollout in-house

We provide complete training and support to your nominated JOP Champion on using the app, troubleshooting the OKR program, and build a self sustaining OKR program. And we’re always here for support if you need it!

Mid-quarter check-ins with
our experts

For validation, fine tuning, and
sustainable growth

Book a mid quarter check-in with an expert to ensure your OKR program is on the right track. Use this time to ask questions on achievement pace, goal stretch and optimizing your flow of work.

What you’ll learn

Day 1

What is Business performance enhancement? How does it differ from people performance and why does your organization need it?

Day 2

HIgh-performance culture and its importance

Day 3

Building a high-performance culture with OKRs

Day 4

Right time for companies implement the OKR methodology

Day 5

Making your team OKR ready

Day 6

Preparing your organization for change management

Day 7

Best practices on creating cross-functional OKRs

Day 8

Managing OKRs smoothly

Day 9

Best practices on conducting an OKR check-in

Day 10

Retrospecting on progress and iterating for the future