Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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Using data smartly can generate useful insights to drive performance improvements

Insights don’t only belong in a central BI tool that may not be accessible to all. A high performance culture ensures that everyone has access to useful
information and insights that can be applied to achieve growth and performance.

Insights for individual contributors

Often, individuals only really know how they’re doing at formal appraisals. JOP enables them to receive regular feedback from colleagues which praises strengths and encourages development. Progress on objectives is updated in real time enabling assistance to be provided early rather than too late.


insights for teams

With JOP, team leaders and team members are aware of progress and confidence levels that the key results will be achieved in the quarter. It’s easy to identify which key results are under-performing enabling the team to re-focus their efforts on the at-risk results.

Performance insights at company level.

The insights dashboards enable leadership to view progress across the company and to identify any objective teams that require assistance. By using these insights, leaders visibly demonstrate their commitment to the OKR process which is essential to bring about the culture change and high performance culture required for success.

boost efficiency and increase data sources

Easy API integrations with other commonly used systems such as CRM’s and financial systems means that all the necessary data can be made available to ensure the most accurate picture.

Actionable Insights for Scaling businesses

Scaling organizations can get chaotic. While in the hustle and bustle of everyday execution, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Forrester reports 74% of firms say they want to be “data-driven because it’s easier to interpret and convert strategically-aligned insights into tactical responses. They help in identifying the levers in your business that you control, influence, or are focused on.
JOP’s Insight dashboards were created to ground you in what really matters. Organizations invest vast resources in data infrastructure. However, this data is full of lag indicators which only flag problems after they’ve happened.
Insights at JOP are an intelligent combination of lead and lag indicators that empower you to take corrective action in real-time! The need for insights into employees' performance is amplified more than ever. Especially for teams just starting out with OKRs, having quarterly insight can be an immense source of learning about their own performance potential.
JOP insights make your performance data sing, and if you’re listening, it can enable you to answer:

  • How much can we stretch our goals before we spread too thin?
  • Which of our teams are self-governing?
  • Which of our teams are facing performance issues?
  • Are there any individual contributors who could use a nudge in the right direction?
  • Are feedback loops functional within our teams?

These answers are vital for running quarterly Retrospective meetings and guiding goal setting for upcoming cycles. Looking back for business goals every time from where they started can be time-consuming. Thus, to map the decisions that drive goal achievement, keeping insights in handy helps in creating a predictable, fast, high-quality decision process.