Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

Wondering if your company is OKR ready?

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Performance Management

One solution for performance management across the business

Not everyone is consistently involved in team performance management
through OKRs. Rather than using 2 solutions, JOP enables an integrated
approach so that all employees can manage their individual goals and
reviews in the system.

Easy goal setting for
individual contributors

Individuals who aren’t part of an OKR team can easily set up their
quarterly or bi-annual goals in JOP and have these approved by
their managers. In this way, JOP becomes PMS software
for individuals as well.

My actions in JOP

Planning and taking action to achieve goals

JOP has been designed to help goal owners to plan, allocate and monitor actions to
achieve goals – linking action management back to goals in the same solution. No need
for any additional project management software unless you’re tackling a complex project.

Update and represent progress in real time

Rather than waiting until just before a performance appraisal, JOP encourages individual goal owners to update progress on their goals regularly. This helps to keep focus on these goals and to improve employee performance.

Formal performance appraisals

JOP recommends quarterly performance appraisals as the best approach to improving employee performance. The system generates a suggested score based on goal achievement and the manager is able to add their view leading to a combined rating. Frequent performance appraisals mean that the process becomes less daunting, developing a culture focused on performance rather than the review process itself.

Transforming Performance management for the Better

Performance management is a core process for scaling businesses which ensures that team efforts conjoin into the organization's common goals. But, the performance review and appraisal process is mutually dreaded by both employees and managers.

It's not easy for managers to spend some time writing up a fair evaluation of employees for the whole year. Cataloging the achievements and struggles of one long year for getting minimal feedback can be time-consuming. Not denying the fact that most scaling businesses aren't operating on annual cycles anymore.

So, how can companies get rid of this annual debacle? Managers believe that if the answer was this easy, there would never be a problem in the first place. Deloitte says that only 8% of companies believe that their traditional method drives business value; thus, JOP highly supports the transformation of Performance management for the better by adopting an overarching process that is engaging and collaborative in nature.

A well-crafted quarterly system backed by constructive feedback and reviews to evaluate the performance is much more important for employees than long drawn out annual meetings.

Performance management is beyond performance reviews and appraisals, but we can't separate the two. With JOP, performance reviews are frequent and dynamic conversations between employees and their managers. We believe that the ideal performance management system must include achieving common goals together, which is why we encourage regular Check-ins to track progress, assess achievement confidence and proactively work through anticipated bottlenecks.

By shifting the focus from assessments of lag indicators, check-in based conversations on JOP make evaluation much more holistic in focus.

Our customers get the best of both worlds because JOP’s performance reviews harness performance data from active OKRs, while always ensuring reporting managers have the discretion to include softer aspects.

We help you build a culture with a growth mindset where employees proactively receive feedback in the spirit of getting better. We create an environment of trust and mutual motivation so you never have to worry about performance ratings deterring ambition.

Performance reviews and appraisals are not a one-time event. Thus, JOP enriches the process with touch points throughout the year. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your feedback culture, engage your people and boost performance at your company.